iCheck HF-50

Face AI Access Control System

Finger print attendance is not hygienic and an infrared temperature measuring gun requires a person to operate at close range. The HF- 50 and HF-83T access control device can save manpower, reduce human contact and economically replace your current fingerprint attendance equipment. When employees complete operation, the records will be uploaded and a door or any other access can be controlled accordingly.

The detection distance of 0.5-1.5 meters avoids any risk of personal contact and transmission.


Intelligent mask wearing recognition

Used for strict control for external visitors. External visitors do not need to remove mask and if not wearing the system will initiate an audible alert recommending masks.

Easy Deployment with Multi-mode activity

The system can be setup as 1) Face recognition attendance + Temperature measurement mode 2) Temperature measurement + Face visitor record 3) Face recognition Access control + Temperature measurement 4) Face recognition attendance + ID Card, with a single or multiple devices connected in one network together with APIs for external application integration.

Industrial appearance, waterproof and dustproof

As the system has IP-65 rating for outdoor dustproof and waterproof design that is meant to operate continuously through the days and nights.

Traceable Database storage of records

Supports 3W Face database do be utilized for secondary screening and evaluation while all past records can be retained for analysis. Data can be passed to attendance databases together with temperature data in real time.

Applicable Industries