AI Driven Facial Recognition for People Management

Why iCheck




WHO and public health authorities around the world are taking action to contain pandemics similar to COVID-19 as long term success cannot be taken for granted. All sections of society, including organizations and their work force must play a role if we are to stop the spread of such disease. Responsible organizations should have as many preventive measures implemented to support the cause and minimize the possibility of business impact from future pandemics.

iCheck is focused on non-contact AI driven biometric facial recognition for people management. Our comprehensive suite of products combines facial recognition and thermographic imaging together with Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Geo Fencing, collectively simplified to provide the assurance and protection any organization would wish for and is affordable to any small office to large distributed enterprise.

Solutions We Offer

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iCheck Cloud APP

The iCheck Cloud APP is an AI powered, smartphone-based facial recognition Bio-metric attendance system that leverages the power of geo location mapping and fencing technologies available on any smart phone today.

iCheck FOTRIC 226B

The FOTRIC 226B operates AI face detection module, automatically locking each individual face for temperature measurement, intelligently shielding high-temperature sources from other faces in the scene.

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iCheck HF-83T

The HF-83T device does temperature measurement with advance AI controls to replace your current fingerprint attendance and access control equipment. The detection distance of 0.5-1.5 meters avoids any risk of personal contact and transmission.

iCheck HF-50

Fingerprint attendance is unhygienic and prone to transmissions. The HF-50 device can economically replace your current fingerprint attendance equipment for access control as well as attendance management.

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Robust Powerful Features

Image Enhancement

using the best technologies to have a clean facial image

Artificial Intelligence

to accurately track complex behaviour in an environment

Thermographic Imaging

with accurate temp readings for human measurement


for centralized management, security and economy

Facial Recognition

using advance algorithms for accuracy and speed


for enhanced location based controls and restrictions

Applicable Industries